The Contributors

La Beauvoir – loves finely crafted sentences; when the prose flows like romantic poetry with slow, melodic fervour…washed down with wine, song and occasional bowls of cheerios. Easy to please, refused to be handled. Mad advocate of the Love a stranger campaign. There is no need to fear your neighbour; take their candy, give them kisses.

Atticus Finch – a recurring writer with The Red Chair.  Atticus is a quiet soul that only speaks when passion and the weight of issues force words to the page.

Cordelia Shipley Lives for the sound of crashing waves on a windy day, runs into storms, not away from them.  Uses literature and music from most genres to feed her soul and has a bit of a word fetish, a thing for wine, shoes and leather boots.  Also an insatiable thirst for learning anything and everything she can on her extensive bucket list.  She will not graduate from the University of Life until they drag her wrinkled bohemian ass out of this world, kicking and screaming the whole way.  She has a passion for the colour red and Art, Travel, Music, The Environment and Politics and is inspired by the works of George Stroumboulopoulos, this is what led her to RedChair in the beginning.


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