New season, new look, new name.. same old host!

Welcome back boys and girls!  Even though it’s been far too long since any of us have posted we’re still here.   Nice to see you again and we promise we’ll be around more this season. 

The new season is a whole week old now and if you’ve caught any of it you know there’s been some big changes. First up the name – The Hour  is no more.  The show is now called George Stroumboulopoulos TonightI haven’t made up my mind how I feel about this particular change.  I kind of liked the short and sweet (and much easier to spell) old name.  I sort of always knew though that eventually it would morph into something different. Over the past few seasons there have been many shifts and changes – some more subtle than others – that would suggest a more “all about George” approach was coming. As his career flourishes it only makes sense for the show to be more firmly identified as his.  There’s no arguing that no matter what they chose to call it the show simple would not be the same without him.

And on that note I’ll leave off for now. I believe my esteemed colleague Ms. Cordelia will be sharing her thoughts on the changes. Speaking of colleagues – you’ll soon be meeting our newest member Ms. Olivia. She’ll be coming on board as among other things our resident musicologist.  Please join me in welcoming her!!

Enjoy and please let us know your thoughts on the new changes!


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  1. Would like to add my warm hearted welcome to Ms. Olivia here at The Red Chair. Dark chocolate and red wine all around ladies, lets hunker down and get ready for a new season.


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