Who would you like to see in the red chair?

Is there anyone you’d love to see George interview?  Is there someone you think would really put him through his paces? Or somebody that would make us all laugh till it hurts?   If so let us know!

I’ll even start.  Elton John, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Robert Duvall, Russell Crowe or Dennis Hopper.


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  1. Still waiting for PM Harper to step up to the plate! Some of my fellow Canadians saw fit to vote him in, so he owes his tax payers and his voters some of his un-choreographed time, dammit. Not coming to The Hour makes him look too controlled/managed (i.e. fake), slightly cowardly and definitely suspicious.

    Other than that dream guest, more Canadian content please. Michael J. Fox is timely with stem cell research back in the news. More indie Canadian bands would be cool, then our host could cross it over to The Strombo Show as well. NxNE is coming up in the spring they could cover some of that. Sue Johanson is always relevant. There have been some CEO’s of American green companies, surely there are Canadian CEOs that are also green? Another interview with David Suzuki could tie in with the ongoing efforts on OMAoG. I personally would love for them to continue this initiative indefinitely and keep finding new ways to market that project and keep it fresh. Alas, so many guest ideas and only so many episodes, mes beautés.


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