One Million Acts of Green

Just went to the onemillionactsofgreen website and they have officially passed the 1,000,000 mark! I have two questions running through my head right now.
Did each and every act that people signed up for really get done, or was it just a game to see if you could get more than your friends?  I have far less acts than some of my friends, but I do mine.  I know some people that signed up for acts that they just don‘t do; so this question plagues me.  Did you all really do the acts you signed up for? My hope is that for every act that wasn’t really done, there is some one out there that is doing them and just didn’t sign up.  CTV fans perhaps? ;-P
The more important question of course is; what’s next?  What happens now that George Stroumboulopoulos, fellow CBCer’s and Celebs have all started this marvellous momentum to galvanize Canadians to make a difference in our daily lives, to help better the planet we live on?  That is the question of the day.  This lady will be glued to my red velvet chesterfield and to The Hour at 11PM tonight to find out if they have an answer ready for us.  😀

blowing you kisses,



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  1. i think that the important thing is that people cared about the cause enough to sit down and consider it, not who did more. and it is for the people that pre registered acts why the site says “if this is an act you have done or intend to do.” … just getting the word out about environmental issues and our daily options of what we can do to fix the situation, to the number of people that it spread too is what makes this a success. petty politics never matter

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