One Million Acts of Green

This is brilliant. Kudos to The Hour for stepping it up. As George and David Suzuki said in their conversation today, its not about being perfect its about taking steps toward being more green. So go for it, make a decision, register it on the site and prove that people can affect change.


Here is the e-mail that a member of the stroumboulopouli received today from
One Million Acts of Green and Environmental Defence: Greening Canada Together!

Have you switched your light bulbs to energy-efficient ones? Dropped your plastic water bottle for a safer reusable one? Bought locally grown fruits and vegetables? Started using toxic-free cleaning products in your home?
Now you can brag about these great green acts, and the dozens of other ways you are helping to protect the environment every day.

CBC, “The Hour” with George Stroumboulopoulos, Environmental Defence and environmental groups across the country are mobilizing Canadians to do one million acts of green!
Starting today, YOU can be part of this nationwide green movement. Check out this video from George Stroumboulopoulos.

One Million Acts of Green is all about one small act making a big difference. It’s about one act from individual Canadians adding up to a million. Whatever green act you do, register it on the One Million Acts of Green website to be counted.
The website is the hub of One Million Acts of Green, connecting Canadians from coast to coast to coast. It’s a virtual gathering place where people can add their green acts, view content, post photos and videos, create groups, and challenge others to act.

The more green acts you do, the more you get to brag! So, don’t just stop at one green act. Be loud and proud. Inspire your fellow Canadians with all of the great green acts you are doing!
We’re challenging everyone to get involved. From CBC TV and Radio, to schools and universities, communities and cities, politicians, athletes, and even celebrities!

One Million Acts of Green is a partnership between CBC and Cisco, and is supported by Environmental Defence as well as the Clean Air Foundation, The David Suzuki Foundation, Earth Day Canada, Evergreen, GreenNexxus, Green Street (managed by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation), and The Climate Project – Canada.
It’s one million acts of green, one act at a time.
Be one of the million. Register your green act today!

Watch The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC TV on Tuesday, October 21, 2008 (TONIGHT!) and Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 11 pm for special One Million Acts of Green launch shows!


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  1. Concerning a million acts of green… read – The Emperor is Wearing No Clothes.

    It’s a book about how the amazing hemp plant, which if embraced again, could save the planet. Let’s hear from the writer Jack Heror (sp?)on the show.

    It could save trees, (paper and construction), lives (medical uses), fuel (bio diesel), etc.

    It can be made into 200 different products which are much more eco friendly than what they replace. Please read the book.

    And showcase it so Canadians can re examine their beliefs about a plant criminalized by the U.S. government at the hands of big industry.

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