Dr. Samantha Nutt knows who is to blame…

Dr. Samantha Nutt, former guest of the Hour was in Toronto this past March to lecture at the university of Toronto. A friend of the Red Chair Lounge was there, and found a message worth sharing. READ ON! 


CLUSTER BOMBS: We are all implicated.


In March I went to see Dr. Samantha Nutt, founder and executive director of War Child Canada lecture at UofT’s Hart House for their Hancock lecture series. To say that I learned a great deal of mostly troubling facts would be a bit of an understatement.
Dr. Samantha Nutt is incredibly knowledgeable, inspiringly stern in her convictions and it all stems from her first-hand experience in war zones. She knows what is wrong and who is to blame, and she is not afraid to state it, which is why her speech began with a disclaimer: “The opinions stated here are my own, and not necessarily those of War Child Canada”…etc.

There was one particular aspect of her speech that struck me as it exited her mouth, and has stuck with me since then.

Dr. Nutt spoke about cluster bombs.

“A cluster bomb is a cannister that opens in midair and ejects hundreds of “bomb-lets” across an area of more or less two football fields. These bomb-lets are little metal balls – as powerful as a hand grenade. When these bomb-lets explode, there’s a rain of jagged shrapnel. When they explode on the ground with a time delay they kill or maim anyone within a radius of 10 to 15 meters.”
(The Real News Website)

These weapons of war are frightening, mostly because of the facts that come with them.

“as many as 1 in 4 of these bomb-lets never explode. The place where they fall becomes a minefield.” (The Real News Website)

Dr. Nutt explained that 98% of the victims of these unexploded bomblets are civilians, mostly children. Despite this the American Military maintain that they are a vital aspect of their war efforts and refuse to discontinue the practice.

And then there is us. What do we have to do with the problem, you wonder? 


Thats right. You are *unknowingly* paying for the production of cluster bombs, and the death of innocent people.

You know that bit of CPP you automatically pay into? that quiet deduction on your paystub? yeap, CPP invests “in corporations linked to the manufacture of anti-personnel landmines.” Thus, you also invest in corporations that manufacture cluster bombs. nice.

check out these links, or google this stuff for more information. Know what your government is doing, know where your money is going.

http://therealnews.com/id/1594/June 1, 2008/Cluster+bombs%3A+Hell+from+above




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