A former travel writer and John F’n Cusack!

In the Cold Opener George attempted to explain to Adam the importance of John Cusack and his roll as a pop culture icon.  Adam may not quite have understood.  Poor Wendy!

Chuck Thomspon is a former travel writer who became disillusioned by the traditionally upbeat reporting demanded by travel publications.  His book Smile When You’re Lying exposes the truth about travel.  It’s not all sunshine and smiles folks.  There’s a down and dirty side of the most beautiful destination.  Be warned. That glossy gorgeous picture filled magazine you just paid 7 bucks for contains more advertising than actual facts.  The writer may not have even set foot in the city he/she is writing about. 

As interesting as I found Chuck I really only half listened to him.  Probably unfair to him, but really, who could be expected to pay attention to anyone opening for John Cusack?  To be perfectly honest I haven’t been this excited about a guest since Robbie the tiger.  If I could have found a way to get to Toronto I would have been front row for this interview!

Cusack was on The Hour a while back when George went to the Sundance Film Festival. Go watch it. It’s a much shorter interview and it’s not entirely a comfortable one.  It was interesting all the same.  Tonight’s interview took up the entire last half of the show.  It didn’t even occur to me that the show wasn’t the standard three guest format until I sat down to write this post. 

John Cusack is among a hand full of actors who at once define a certain generation and can accurately portray any time period.  He is the 80’s. He is also one of the most provocative and relevant artists working today.  He plays characters all guys wish they could be.  His work varies from romantic comedy to drama and yet each character is a rich tapestry of humanity. 

On tonight’s show John seemed much more engaged and at ease than in the previous interview.  Maybe it was the less chaotic setting. Maybe I imagined it.  At any rate, he was there to talk about War, Inc. which he co-wrote and appears in along side: his sister, the great Joan CusackDan Aykroyd, Ben Kingsley, Marisa Tomei and Hilary Duff.   It is a satire about America’s newest hobby – war profiteering.  As John put it “Government has no more to do with governing than Nike does by just putting that swoosh on a shoe. It just puts its stamp on it, or its brand on it, and the rest just gets out sourced to profit.”  Put simply – the U.S government has become one giant ATM for major corporations.   George asked him about working with his sister.  John said he’ll work with Joan until someone tells him he can’t.  The woman is a legend in her own right. A fact John acknowledged by admitting that whenever she’s in a scene he knows it will turn out perfectly and that she’ll “run you over and steal the scene”.  Best quote of the night – “everybody’s full of shit”.

The interview ended on a very serious note.  Both John and George are huge fans of Joe Strummer and The Clash and George asked what’s the Clash song that doesn’t get played on the radio enough.  Both boys gave the question some thought. Here’s the list of songs they came up with:  Clampdown, Bankrobber, Armageddon Time, Police On My Back, Safe European Home and one I couldn’t quite catch but may have been Street Parade.

There are some new things up on the After The Hour page including an awesome prank and some old stuff (from the pre-audience days).


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