The Cost of Canadian Oil and a Canadian Rock Star

Episode aired 080312

The Cold Opener was a silly and cute one shot in the UK. George was the fox in a reformed version of the hunt. Beagles chased him. I love beagles. My first dog was half beagle. Cannot resist them. Afterwards there was some more humour on the Eliot Spitzer situation (a little insight into what his wife must have been thinking during his resignation announcement) . All very fun. Much preferred by this viewer to the moralistic judgment and exposés that many news and pundits shows have been featuring. I like the late night talk show take on it much better. I wonder what Saturday Night Live will say.

OK, back to The Hour. The first segment was with Peter Raymont, the producer of a documentary about the tar sands in Alberta. The doc looks at the cost of exploiting the tar sands. He of course mentioned the environmental impact, but the doc’s focus was on the cost to Canada of developing the tar sands too fast and selling off rights to it too cheaply to Americans. Check out the full interview. I have watched it twice because I think as someone who lives in the east I tend to only hear about the boomtown situation, but not enough about the bigger picture. It is a finite resource and the demand for it is not going anywhere soon (it is only rising). It does seem better to do things as they have in Newfoundland – charge royalties that are in Canadians long term best interest. Not the Americans. It is a provincially controlled issue, but it affects us all. A very interesting and important issue.

Tar Sands: The Selling Of Alberta airs Thursday at 9pm on the Doc Zone on CBC.

Next up was the Bryan Adams interview. During his radio show and in previous episodes of The Hour George has said the interview was a little tense. Not a lie. Bryan had his arms crossed for much of the beginning and then he seemed to loosen up a bit and got a little snarky. The conversation began with a question about songwriting featuring a popular George theme (the journey from boy to man) and then hit different aspects of his process as a musician. It was kind of neat to see him interviewed given how little press he does.


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