Fighting for Food and One Day at a Time

Episode Aired 080311

The Cold Opener had a bit of school lesson in it. They explained our country’s history of democracy (or version of it anyway). Amusing an educational. I like.

Author Raj Patel was on the show talking about his book Stuffed and Starved. He spoke about who has control of food distribution (mainly corporations and cartels) and who does not (consumers). He made the point that our power as consumers cannot change things. Instead we need to put a focus getting feedback from farmers – especially the large groups of poor farmers. He spoke of the power of large groups of people being able to affect change to the way things are structured – by speaking up and getting angry. This kind of disappointed me because I would like to think my consumer choices have power, but I might be a bit idealist about things. It is not enough. There are many other things required for serious change to our food distribution.

I really enjoyed the Valerie Bertinelli interview. I have seen her on other programmes about her book and her weight loss and this interview was refreshing. She was refreshing. I liked her goofy energy and her candour. It was neat to see her just go off about her political point views (always in a cute way – I think her charm is not faked). It seemed she had a sense of relief in being in a media situation (in Canada) where she could say what she feels without getting a bunch of hate mail her way (ah, the Internet might change that). It is a shame though that George could not pursue his question about how it was behind the scenes of One Day at Time when they tackled controversial and new-t0-sitcoms issues.

The show included an Everything You Wanted to Know  segment (one of my favourites). This time around it was about John A MacDonald. The expert interviewed was funny (maybe it was the editing though his choice of words certainly helped it along) and I learned a few things (a binge drinker, you say? used corruption in a focused manner to attain a goal? interesting).


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