War and Sex.

I don’t have too much to say about tonight’s show.

Chris Hunter 

The first interview with Chris Hunter was interesting mostly because my knowledge of war is lacking. My only real comment on the interview was the incredible phrase that i had never heard before, “operational theatre.” So creative, such a great euphemism. yes, i am being sarcastic.

Ryan Phillippe and Kimberly Peirce 

My comment on the  interview with Ryan Phillippe and Kimberly Peirce has nothing to do with the interview and everything to do with The Bio. It is always necessary to question the choice of visuals in those montages, because they are specific and purposeful. I didnt think the scene pulled from (i think it was) “Cruel Intentions” of him tossing a girl off the bed was necessary. It isnt funny. It doesnt prove he is a good actor. I guess all it really does is prove that there are too many men working in the editing room.

The Wheel Vs. Sex

was awesome. The wheel is no challenge for sex… but the grilled cheese sandwich might be another story…


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