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First up was Michael Pollan author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and his latest book In Defense of Food. I was eagerly anticipating this interview. I am a bit of a foodie – especially real food. Sure, I enjoy the processed stuff from time to time, but on a day-to-day basis I aim to lessen the pseudo-food and increase the real stuff. In fact, just yesterday I finished reading a book about the evils of artificial sweetners and high fructose corn syrup (evil is not hyperbole in this case).

With humour and ease Pollan did not disappoint.  The interview I am sure was eye opening for some and I hope more and more people take what he has said to heart (I’ve lost loved ones to cancer and heart disease – diet related – real food can help prevent these kinds of things). His guidelines? Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Another important quote? If bacteria won’t eat something (like a Twinkie) then neither should you. Smart advice.

He also mentioned how it is a shame that good for you food can be expensive (i.e. the organic stuff) or time consuming to make (convenience foods are so rarely good for you) and how it has nothing to do with actual cost of food but because of the way things are set up. I wonder if his book addresses how to change that. In the meantime, may I suggest  my own little plan that I used to get me through my lean university days – frozen vegetables, dried beans, and rice. With the right seasonings and various sauces you can have a variety of meals. Not terribly exciting or perfect, but it is a start. Way better for you than KD and the like.

Oh! Mike Holmes! Sitting at home on the couch we were looking forward to this one too. Big fans of the show. It  has been on for 7 years. Wow! Time flies. And it is coming to an end. Sigh. But he has a new show in the works. I hope he gets a good sponsor because it seems he puts a heck of a lot of his own money into cleaning up after other people’s mistakes for his current show.  Such a good guy. So no-nonsense too. He is to build the first house for Brad Pitt’s Make it Right project in New Orleans. Neat that the project has the same name as Holmes’ book.

The show had a bit of a Closer if you will. Brian Stewart read the Spice Girls’ goodbye letter. I cracked up.


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