Repeats.. again..

I really don’t mind when The Hour  does repeats.  George is in England doing the Corrie thing etc. which is great.  My question is why are they bothering to pretend that they are in Canada this week?  Every show is a repeat this week and in every show George says something about the date or being in Toronto.  I would rather see them air shows that are a bit older.  Some of the ones from this week have aired in the last month.  Why not go back and show things from the first, second  and third seasons .  Have fun with it. Just flat out tell us what we already know anyway – “we’re out of town this week”.  I think it would be cool for them to show stuff a lot of people haven’t seen before. They could even do theme shows. Monday – all old fashioned closers (because don’t we really all want those back anyway?), Tues – all Lists, etc etc.  


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