George’s conscience looks like Wayne Newton, pot and Gunslingers

The Cold Opener had George facing a personal crisis and Wayne popping in to offer some advice.

To be honest I didn’t like the first interview of the show. I disliked it so much the first time that I watched it again just to see if I was being too hard on it. I still think it wasn’t a good interview. Adam Scorgie and Brett Harvey made  a doc called The Union – The Business of Getting High. It’s an exposee on the 7 billion dollar pot industry in B.C.  My opinion of the interview doesn’t have anything to do with the subject matter.  I just found that the guys didn’t really answer the questions asked. They kept mentioning that groups such as the police, don’t want the industry legalized because it’s all about their budgets. I think perhaps there are many other reasons.  Money is probably part of it but there are a lot of other issues here. 

Wayne Newton had a lot to talk about. He’s involved with the USO and emphasized the importance of supporting the troops. He underscored what many people feel – that you don’t have to agree with the war to show support for the soldiers fighting it. The USO tours help not only the men and women overseas but also their loved ones who need to know that someone is looking out for the soldiers.  He also discussed the difference between how celebrities are treated today compare to when he was starting out. Back then there were only 3 networks and being on any of them meant that you had a huge audience almost immediately but that people tended not to report on the performers personal lives. Today there are hundreds of networks and it takes longer for stars to emerge but once they do they’re everywhere and every aspect of their lives is held up for examination. The best quote from Mr. Newton was “I never learned anything from the things I did right”

A few other bits and pieces of info:

The Joe Strummer Doc – The Future is Unwritten opens this week. George spoke to Julian Temple – the director.

Nasa is sending a greeting out into the cosmos. They are beeming the Beatles song Across the Universe 413 light years to the North Star.  George suggested sending a more threatening message – Yoko Ono.

Portraits of Canadians featured a The Gunslingers – a couple who have quick draw act. They were interesting but I really wish someone would shoot ME everytime the theme song to this segment plays.


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