Elizabeth May, Michael Buble and Radiohead

First, I have to say that todays show was awesome. George’s intro off the top of the show was hilarious, watch it online while its still up. 

Elizabeth May

Great conversation. I thought it was interesting how she was expressing that she would pick Dion over Harper in an election, just reinforcing the “voting strategies” in this country that tend to make  it impossible for us to have any leading party other than liberal or conservative. The “im gonna vote liberal even tho i support (ndp, green..etc), but i dont want the conservatives to win” approach is what makes our elections so shitty.  regardless, may is smart, interesting and (for future reference) should be involved in the leadership debates. the more voices the better. im not a green party supporter, but any politician that says that politicians should be honest makes me listen.

Michael Buble

He seems so humble and sincere. I’ve said this before, it is nice to see such honest conversation (on tv and in general), such as when he spoke about his family and how constant travel has caused him to sacrifice experiences. critics are stupid, he sells records for a reason.


FYI- George has a radio show called “The Strombo Show.” This Sunday Radiohead will be the guest. I know you love that.

info: http://www.edge.ca/station/strombo_show.cfm

The Strombo Show happens on these traditional radio stations….
99.3 Fox Vancouver @ 2-5pm
Power 97 Winnipeg @ 4-7pm
102.1 Toronto @ 5-8pm
FM96 London @ 5-8pm
Y108 Hamilton @ 5-8pm

you can also stream it online!


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