Lee Thomas, Jeremy Hotz – and tomorrow a Tiger!!!

January 28, 2008

First of all – Cant WAIT for tomorrows Tiger, and I wish I could play with the Kitty!!!!

Lee Thomas: Trying to put yourself into his position is a hard task. Anything you have gone through in your life, may compare on some level, but chances are, they do not include an apparent change of race.

Lee was fresh. Open, honest and true. It was lovely to hear him speak It was refreshing to watch his smile, and know … he REALLY does mean it. He’s a happy man, doing what he wants to do. Striving for more from everyone, and for everyone. Telling the story he has to tell, and hoping that along the lines of his story – he is helping as many people as possible.

This makes him happy, and its incredibly lovely to see.

Jeremy Hotz:

I know it was supposed to be sarcasm. I know, its supposed to be comedy. I know, that parts were really funny. He could be, and was, really funny at times…….. but was I the only person that felt uncomfortable?

Try as the smile might to cover it up…… I felt nothing but arrogance off this guy. It was hard to see past at points, and I just wanted to go do the dishes to get away from it.

Prefering the dishes, says a lot.

I honestly can’t remember much of what was even said, I wanted the interview to be over, I wanted him off my screen. I didnt want to write this. Remembering 30 minutes ago, STILL makes me that uncomfortable.

I just couldn’t see past it, and honestly, didn’t really want to.

Now……………….. the really great part.

A tiger.


I know it has absolutely NOTHING to do with tonights show, however…… this excites me.

I am absolutely ENVIOUS that I cannot be in the place of The Hour staff.

Enjoy this opportunity. Not many people get it, and I highly doubt its coming back around, any time soon.

Till then…..

Ciao Bells

~Lisa Rowe


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