Peter Mansbridge and Douglas Coupland

The Mansbridge interview was compelling. They touched on many topics, and i would like to rant about some of them…well, sort of.

American primary election..etc.- who cares? I do. I am interested in how quickly the election topics go from being discussed with substance, to being overshadowed by savvy political tactics and fancy phrases. Like how Kerry got branded as a “flip-flopper” (even though he clarified himself) and it overshadowed what he was saying. (probably because the media was bored by the sense that he was making, and “flip-flopper” makes for a sexier headline), but i digress. I am interested in how distorted the CNN dialogue has been when talking about whether “white america” or “black america” are ready for this and that sort of president. Is that really a useful conversation? Do we need to create/ deepen / exploit the divide? This can only get more vicious and more stupid.

As for Canadian politics– they didnt talk about this, but who wants lower GST? I would rather have better health care or all the million other good ways the money could be spent. But what do i know?

George’s Bob Marley Rant– made me happy, and he is completely right. I would say without hesitation that Marley is the most unifying musician of all time. Don’t know what I mean? crash any party, put on one of his albums, and hear the sound of no complaints. Try doing that with any other artist, and it just wont fly.

Douglas Coupland

I don’t think an artist being “of his/her time” is  “dorky,” as coupland suggested, i think he probably would agree that he would much prefer to write/contemplate the future, than analyze and define the now… or maybe not. regardless, i think my answer is cooler than his, and joe strummer is cooler than him. 😉

After that comment in the interview i stopped criticizing and started listening, because the conversation took a very human turn. Listening to someone talk about their past, their toughest times, all dramatic content aside… seeing the honesty of anyone in any setting, but specifically on telelvision is always a stalling moment to process, especially if you can relate.

Now I ask, anyone that watches Jpod? Provide reviews here please. Thank you.


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