The all-knowing Alan Cross, Sofia Milos and The fuck death foundation

Alan Cross 

When it comes to Alan Cross, I am bias. I grew up listening to him on the edge, i already knew everything they stated in the bio (and more)… when the edge started airing “the ongoing history of new music” reruns from 10-noon on sunday mornings, I stopped going to church. His influence on my musical taste and memory is huge, so for me he can do no wrong. Except I wanted more. They should have scrapped the story about REM and talked more music. The fact that music was once on these two distinctive streams (the mainstream and the alternative), until Nirvana- when the lines blurred and the alternative became the mainstream (we’ve heard this a trillion times), but what now?  Now we are not limited by genre, huge amounts of records being released coupled with myspace has given us more music to delve through, but what does all this mean? How does this fragmentation harm/help us? Will we never have another major rock and roll jesus like cobain or lennon…etc? Does it matter? Will the internet kill the record labels?(i hope so) … in conclusion, It was a good interview, Alan Cross has the coolest voice.

Sofia Milos

I am glad this interview focused on the concept of “The Border,” because i had no clue what it was about. They did a good job of talking it up and stressing that it is consciously political, loosely based on reality, thus raising political awareness for vieweres… all while being entertaining, and i dont doubt it. If “24” can do it, then why not them too? Although, I dont know if the political aspect will encourage people to want to watch it or not… ill give it a chance.

The Fuck Death Foundation

Is this a good idea? I say no, unless they are gonna make me a cyborg…… but thats just me. Would’t that whole mystery of life thing lose a little magic if death wasnt an inevitability? I say ban cigarettes and raise the minimum wage and we’ll all live a lot longer


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