Dr Abdullah Abdullah, “Pinball” Clemons and more!

So I don’t really care much about football, but even I enjoyed that clip showing the miami dolphins’ victory… but its quite misleading… football is rarely ever that exciting.

Have you guys noticed the new segment, “The Backstory”… Iam pretty sure its just a revamped version of “the set-up,” but I like it. Definately a better name. I have always appreciated The Hour’s willingness to bring context to their stories/interviews. That is absolutely something that separates them from every other news program. My only negative critique about “The Backstory” is the music they use. its terrible, and pretty distracting.  And yes, it matters.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

This was a pretty good interview, kinda tame. However, there was something said in the interview that really perked my attention and left me wanting to say “Hey Georgie! ask him about that!”… Maybe I missed something and you guys know the answer, but what did Abdullah mean when he said: “my view is that today we should have been in a better situation and we could have been, as far as afghanistan standing on its own feet”…

I wanted clarification. They “could have been” in a better situation? if what was done? if the afghani people start believeing in the cause??? That was the only answer i got from the interview ( unless i missed something)… and if you really think about it, that answer is totally backwards. “I know you folks don’t want us in your country, i know we invaded you because you cant deal with these people we trained call terrorists, but if you just be our friend, we can try and build you a new life…. i dont care if you want your old one”(my translation)

im not saying that what the troops are doing in afghanistan is not noble, im just sayin’…………………………..

Michael ‘Pinball’ Clemons

I had the exact same reaction to Clemons’ suit as George did… Awesome. I really enjoyed Clemons’ energy and positivity in this interview. Two of my favourite quotes:

 “if what you did yesterday still sounds good to you today, you havent done much today”… and

“As a coach, in one victory, i won forty times, because I won for every guy on that team…” I just love that. I was less happy with his suggestion that Toronto is “just another big city” or could be passed off as “just another american city“…. i don’t know how true or false that is…

Carolyn Taylor’s best story ever

awesome, gross best story. I think as a collective The Red Chair Lounge LOVES the addition that Carolyn has made to  The Hour this season. She’s fantastically funny.

Goodbye “24”, Hello “2”???

hahahaha, I actually really like this. completely dorky, and I can relate to the conflict. A day at work without coffee really is a reason to panic! 😉


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