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We missed a couple of episodes last week, hence no recent blogging from us. Sorry about that. We are trying to catch up online. We will add our thoughts on the different interviews and pieces in the next day or two.

Tricia Helfer – Not the most in depth or inspiring interview. I am a fan of the Battlestar Galactica series which I am catching up on via DVD. I like their take on space and sci-fi. Shame George and Tricia did not talk about that more, but I understand that he could not ask series specific questions as it is a niche kind of show and one I do not think he watches). However, I think they could have talked a bit more about the upcoming movie she is starring in – Walk All Over Me. I read an article about it. It seems like a neat, quirky movie. But then again I find she did not give him much to work with.  And when George asked about the modeling to acting move, I found myself wanting to roll my eyes. I did not need to hear about how an actor has to just allow herself to flub lines and how she likes jumping like a bunny to keep her energy up. Eeek! As for her Playboy spread she did not say anything we have not heard before – tasteful, artistic, wanted to do it while she still had the body to. I can see that doing Playboy is a safe move when it comes to sexual imagery (it is hyper photoshooped boob and butt shots – with occasional neatly trimmed and semi concealed muffshots), but I bet there were other motivations – the money was right, the exposure can be seen as good.  The whole Playboy versus Hustler comment pissed me off – reinforcing the levels of slutdom that is deemed appropriate for women. Though I did think the idea that Tricia preferred a real nude than a fake nude for signing purposes was an amusing sign of the times.

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  1. oh yes! my eyerolling was in full force throughout this interview. it was boring, at best… and mostly terrible. The questions were typical, and she didn;t say anything worth hearing. She’s a model, they could have talked about the influence that “air-brush culture” has had on women. or maybe she has stipulations in her contract that make those kinds of questions a no-no.
    This was definately a low point for The Hour’s guestlist. Being pretty, and being Canadian does not necessarily mean that you are worth speaking to, point taken.

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