George and Brent Butt in bed together and Adam the Dream Healer

I’ll admit that my favourite part of the show last night was the ending. Watching Caroline and that other guy (have they introduced him on the show yet?) get up to all kinds of mischief in George’s office was fun!

Also fun was the interview with Brent Butt. Everyone knows him from Corner Gas of course and his various comedy shows. Did you know he did one episode of the X-Files? Brent is one of Canada’s best comics and his show is unique. He made an excellent point about original Canadian television programmig. Usually it tends to be so Canadian that there’s no question where it’s produced.  He went on to say that usually our tv shows are either cheesy Canadiana or set in the past.  It’s as if there’s nothing subtly Canadian that’s worth watching. That’s where Corner Gas comes in.  As Brent said it just happens to be set in Canada.  In the opener Brent forced George to watch Corner Gas while in bed together in an attempt to show him Brent Butt’s Vancouver. I’m not sure if I really saw it but there appeared to be a body pillow between them – even though they were fully dressed and on top of the bed.  I found that amusing.

Adam the Dream Healer was the other guest.  His worked had been mentioned a few weeks ago during the interview with Ronnie Hawkins.  His work is interesting and requires an open mind to discuss.  They showed a few clips of Adam conducting a group conference.  Even he said that it was creepy to watch.  He goes into a sort of trance and with the lights off in the room all you can really see is his eyes glowing.  When he’s in the trance he visualizes the persons problem, sending his energy out to find it and then he pictures himself removing it.  He’s even done it on his own mother.  George was obviously skeptical but respectful.  Brent Butt gave it his own spin saying the real miracle was how Adam got Ronnie’s email address.

 Other fun notes… chimps are smarter than people and Britney Spears is the top search topic on the web.  More proof that armaggedon is coming?


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