The Hour from December 3rd – Bateman and Good from Vancouver

Oh yes, George and The Hour are in Vancouver, and look at him play the role of city boy being lost in the wilderness and becoming a bit ferral. Yes it is wonderful B.C. and a place that is close to my heart, but the city is exciting too, Strombo. It is a place of decandence and urban wonder that you should love. I hope you show more of that during the week.

Right, on to the actual show. 

I love good art. Painting on a canvas, recording music, artistic ventures on many levels are a true wonder. They liberate the soul. And sometimes your soul just screams to be free. Mine does. Sometimes I need ear plugs.

Robert Bateman is an amazing artist. Wonderful skill. And at 76 he doesn’t look his age. I’d say he looks and acts more like a spry man in his 60s. I hope his longevity continues along with his talent and his activism. And the beaver joke, well yes Canadians do come across as brown blobs. It’s a good interview with a man who makes a difference with his art, his words, and his ideas. He’s a true model for Canadians and a champion of understanding nature. Hit up the site and watch the interview.

Then we have Matthew Good. I have to say, I used to be a fan of the Matthew Good band in my younger years, but his new stuff doesn’t work for me. But his overdose, his hospital trip, and his creative process are interesting to hear about. He looked a bit like an IT network specialist on the show, but okay, people change. And he’s been through a lot. Manic episode and asking for a beer while in the shower as control slipped away.

Good is quite outspoken politically, and that was interesting to discuss. Way to go for anyone who can blog about things that the media might keep secret. He had some good things to say about the state of the world and the western media. Not much discussion of his music, but maybe that’s for the best, since his new stuff is not to my taste.

Oh, and we should note that Bret Hart, known as The Hitman to most, had a best story ever about not wanting to wear green leotards and being an elf in school, then growing up to be a wrestler wearing pink leotards.

George in Vancouver. There you go. Check it out if you dare.


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