Ani DiFranco and Chris Jericho

November 14th, 2007 episode

Just a quick entry…

I think I first heard of Ani DiFranco from Sassy magazine back in the late 1980s. I think. Foggy memory. I enjoyed her music and her contributions as an independent artist, but I would not call myself a true fan as I don’t own any of her stuff. I think I liked her from a distance and the idea of her. Sort of a passive experience. Anyway, I still find there is so much to admire about her. I enjoyed her discussion with George – especially the part about the changes in her life since she had a child. Playing with grass. Loved the sound of that. As someone who is also always on the go and working/creating/etc… I can appreciate the appeal of that.

Speaking of being on the go… Chris Jericho. Wow, did that guy ever have a lot of energy. I wonder if he ever sits still. He definitely has found a good outlet for his energy – physicality and entertainment. While his appearance on The Hour did nothing for me personally, I know that the world of wrestling entertainment has a big following (I have friends in the indie side of the biz). I think it is good that The Hour covers the topic and the individuals involved in a mainstream and personable way without the hyperbole usually involved. The exaggeration is a part of the product but it is refreshing to look at it without it.



  1. As someone who adores Ani Difranco and all that she is, I thought the interview was great (nevermind, that i was in the audience, in the chairs right beside her, forgetting how to breathe)…Ani brings out the fangirl in me. It’s her music, her message, her bravery, her independence, her politics, her refusal to sit down and shut up, her spoken word, her guitar playing, her personal is political, her inspiration and her passion. She is a woman who lives both for no one (but herself) and for everyone (women, children, people living in poverty) all at once. Listeining to her music kicks my ass, makes me move, inspires action. Her music both consoles and angers, makes me smile and pisses me off…I – for one – do own everything she’s put out and have never regretted a purchase.
    That being said – I was sadly disappointed in a brief Ani interview, followed by a TWO segment Chris Jericho…but that’s me….

  2. Chris Jericho was hilarious – he should skip wrastlin’ and go into motivational spanking, er I mean speaking. He could be Manitoba’s answer to Depak Chopra

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