A guy who plays with big cats, a Canadian legend and easy on the taste bud meds.

George was a big kid while interviewing Dave Salmoni. I can’t blame him for his enthusiasm – Dave’s job sounds like the ultimate combination of pure joy and a bit of danger on the side.  Who wouldn’t want to go play with the big kitties. George asked Dave to bring one with him the next time he comes on and I’ll be first in line for tickets if that happens!  One thing Dave mentioned that I hadn’t really ever thought about before is that zoos are helping to preserve some species from extinction.  The negative aspects of zoos are always so obvious that it’s easy to forget something like that. Dave was once involved in taking animals from zoos and reintroducing them into the wild. He also talked about Steve Irwin and the likelihood that he will meet a similar fate.  Animals in general need more people like Dave to spread the message of respect and preservation!

I was actually surprised that I enjoyed the Anne Murray interview. I’m not her biggest fan but I don’t deny her impact on music in this country.  She made an excellent point that todays music stars start too young, rise too fast and miss out on a lot of things along the way. I didn’t know that she’d been a teacher before she hit if big as a singer, or that she was such an avid golfter.  She mentioned that people often tell her that her golf score is her biggest achievement to date. Considering the list of awards and accolades that they rhymed off during her bio that’s saying something!

 Hilary Doyle was on tonight with maybe my favourite Is This a Good Idea yet.  Fun flavoured medications! The list of possible flavours was quite interesting ranging from orange to vodka. This is an excellent idea. I think this would make administering medication to children so much less painful for parents.

Tonights show was good – a great combo of guests and subjects. I do think though that the writers should have held out for free pizza and beer though 😉


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