A Dog, a baker and a fancy shoe maker…

KENNETH COLE (the fancy shoe maker)
Tonight on the Hour, Kenneth Cole was available to discuss his work in support of AIDS research, and the hip new fad called corporate responsibility. OK, that sounds like I disprove of the movement…and I don’t! Not entirely anyway…It depends on how the corporation decides to take responsibility…. I personally hate those special “we will donate a portion of…” brands that corps create for us to buy so we can wear our social consciousness like a badge… but that’s a conversation for another time…

Regardless, Kenneth Cole has made big strides in his attempts to garner money and attention for AIDS research… He creates witty, thought-provoking ads that reflect the public’s current reality… however; I was a bit bothered by his seemingly unashamed disclosure that Americans can’t be critical of or “anti-American” because it comes off as being unpatriotic. “But this is such an obvious and ordinary opinion” you may say… I KNOW! He is absolutely not the only person to make this assertion without shame. But my question is -Why is this always discussed as though it is unacceptable, yet accepted? I suppose, in a sense this is especially where the notion of being corporate AND responsible come in to conflict. Corporations want to be savvy and responsible, but they also need to have a positive reputation in the eyes of the public. If your “socially responsible” stance is not in step with the current public climate, then you risk loss of sales. Corps may want to send a profound message, but they still need to sell shit… so they can’t do anything that is too out of step with the public majority. The unfortunate part is that sometimes the very issue that requires attention is not popular. And this takes us back to Kenneth Cole. In the 80s he supported AIDS research when it wasn’t cool to do so, and he continues to work very hard to keep the focus in that direction. So I may have qualms with that whole notion of “corporate responsibility”… but for now he is off the hook.

THE BATTLE OF THE PRETTY BOYS- So George Clooney and Fabio had a little sissy fight in a restaurant? Looks like Strombo needs to keep up… someone find him a pretty boy to hit. He could’ve punched Kenneth Cole, but it probably would have wrecked the interview. Maybe we could get him and Jian Ghomeshi out to the same restaurant…..? Oh its just a joke.

DOG THE RACIST BOUNTY HUNTER– Friends with Micheal Richards? I wonder…maybe he should have borrowed his P.R guy, because that song and dance on FOX news was terrible!

Nigella Lawson (the Baker ;)- I love what this woman does. I love that she sounds like she really thinks about what she does. Food politics is much more a reflection of our culture and personalities than people ever bother to acknowledge, and its cool to know that she actively thinks about it, although she mostly seems to view it as a something sexual… which is a relevant, interesting but simple understanding. I really wished her and George could have talked more, I would have loved to hear more of what she thought about food taboos, and the “problem” or insecurities surrounding women eating in public…etc.



  1. I was so looking forward to the Nigella Lawson interview. I adore her work even though there is rarely a thing she makes that I can eat (my choice but I can appreciate her talents and insights nonetheless). I don’t think she views sex in relation to food as much as you perceived her to. George brought it up and she answered it. She spent more of her time discussing how it is complex and speaks volumes about our individual issues – what we eat, what we don’t eat, what we are told to eat, what we are told not to eat…

    Though back to the sex part. 😉 The way her show is shot is so rich with visuals of the qualities of the ingredients. Food is about smell and a taste but also appearance and her show just captures every bit of that. I also find it amazing that you see her sample the food the way that she does. I suppose like female sexuality and porn, we are not used to seeing women enjoy themselves like that. With abandon.

    Was she the first to have the additional camera angles and all the close-ups?

  2. Golightly, i shoulld probably go back to the Nigella interview and watch it again… my perception of the interview was likely skewed by the persons i was watching with, and the conversation that we were having post- interview, which was very much about the sex/food aspect of their conversation… regardless, i thought that she was great… and the folks i was watching with also agreed that it is refreshing to see her eat the way she does on her show… ive never actually watched her show, but ill just add it to the giant “to watch” list… 😛 thanks fro bringing up that point!

  3. I dont think it matters How or why the money is raised, as long as its raised.
    Sure, every corporation does an amount for marketting and tax rebates… but who cares?

    The money is raised, if fickle people are drawn into the cause, they at least are drawn.
    Some of them even stay, and form their own solid opinions for the future, and just may become a valid part of charitable organizations themselves.

    one is still one
    and money is still money
    so is awareness.

  4. But does giving to a company that will donate to a cause justify the money they put into their own pockets? The devil offers to help cure cancer. As much as the devil seems like a fun guy, so we actually let him help knowing that he is not doing it for the sake of good but for the sake of self?
    Some quote about ends and justifying the means is kicking around in my brain, and I wonder if the cost of such means is worth it. Sure, we cure cancer and AIDS but do we then create a wider gap between rich and poor and create other problems?
    It’s a sticky place to be in. Maybe I’ll go without that particular cell phone company and just donate directly to the cause.

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