Jan Wong, Tony Robbins and giant turkey legs

November 6, 2007

I have to say, this is one of the most interesting evenings on the show to date.

Starting off with Jan Wong (speaking of her experience in the book “Beijing Confidential”). The story of her as a Maoist in college, turning in a woman trying to leave to the US, then learning later in life just what that involved.

Listening to her go through the mental and physical steps to make yourself face your past actions. The excuses (valid or not) to set your life into action, and look for forgiveness. Then trying to find one person in a land such as China, when you didn’t even have their name. Further through to actually finding and speaking with the woman you gave up to the government. I can only imagine how this would be an experience in expelling the demons that haunt. They also made a good point about the seeming “disappearance of the culture revolution”, and the language being a barrier in understanding how to evolve from such an experience. With genuine splashes of humour in the midst of this serious reality. This was Excellent interview and story. Simply Excellent.

Tony Robbins – You can’t seem to watch Tony Robbins without feeling like he’s enthusiastic about you. I also noticed him immediately matching the host’s body language as he went along, part of his calming technique. With great quotes like “that state of mind can be triggered”; “we don’t talk [anymore], we just communicate” and “where is your blueprint strong, where is it weak”. You do know that you can walk away from his knowledge with something for yourself. He has depth, and he wants you to experience that too. It was great hearing what motivates Tony Robbins, plus finding that he doesn’t appear to be FAKE.

I also appreciated George trying to let something out of him to be analyzed too, I thought for sure he was going to balk that with anything he could grasp.

Some quick notes:

Those Turkeys arent found, they are genetically mutated…

The Canadian Dollar hitting $1.08 US… Damn!

How the HELL did that knife “miss” ‘Dan’s’ brain???????????????


“It’s a small world after all…..”

Lisa Rowe


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  1. well!
    as I had a problem sorting through my many thoughts on this one, I am quite surprised someone wrote such a compliment!
    thank you!

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