Ralph Mellanby and Ben Harper

November 5, 2007

Atticus Finch writes –

Who would have thought that Harold Ballard would have been an aid for the rise of a Canadian icon. This was one of the things I learned tonight during the interview with Ralph Mellanby. Now I’m a huge hockey fan and Don Cherry and Coaches Corner have been personal favourites since I was very young. I have to admit though that I didn’t know anything about Ralph Mellanby, let alone that he was to thank for the years and years of entertainment, education and controversy that is Don Cherry. I liked what he had to say about hockey markets. He believes that Ontario should have 3 teams. I’ve always thought there were too many teams in too many unhockey cities. But I digress. Mr. Mellanby helped change hockey as we view it in this country and I can’t wait to read his new book “Walking With Legends: The Real Stories of Hockey Night in Canada.” So thanks to The Hour for a great block of hockey talk and thanks to Mr. Mellanby for shaping the way we all experience our national sport.

The interview with Ben Harper was as always very interesting. His music is thought provoking and heart felt. Good/fun quote from Ben.. “hard mornings are non negotiable”. He talked a lot about his Grandfather and his influence in his music and his life. George asked him about fatherhood and Ben’s answers were rather refreshing. He makes sure he’s there for his kids big moments even when he’s on tour. You have to respect a man and artist like that. They played a clip of a video of Ben that is posted on Strombo.com Go watch it.

The cold opener was classic. There really are some hockey rivalries that run that deep and to the fans of those teams the religion of hockey can be heartbreaking. Paul and the ketchup packet where hilarious! Cold openers are good but what ever happened to the Closer. And where did the List disappear to? Disinformation was about car wrecks. I think I’ll take George’s advice and start riding a bike!



  1. Gleefully listened to Ralph Mellanby sticking it (no pun intended) to Bettman, I bet that little man is seething today! Wheeee

    Ben Harper – the epitome of a graceful, lyrical, soulful, mind blowing talent. Socially aware, a dedicated daddy and deeply respectful of his roots. Love him even more now than before.

    Cold Opener – Ketchup stigmata = my tax dollars at work. Money well spent, I’d say.
    Vive La Ouvreur Froid! …yep my french sucks – is that even close?

  2. Hey all! Iam a bit surprised that no one has said anything about the online virtual pedophilia problem yet….although it was relegated to a few second piece, i think this is huge! the pedophilia happening in “second life” is entirely virtual, but is it a problem?! if they do in fact make this virtual form of pedophilia illegal, its admitting that allowing your mind to run in the virtual world influences your personal reality… what kind of ramifications would that have for violent games? … i wonder….

    The Ben harper interview made me smile, i really appreciate that guy. His quote that,
    “life is just measured by a series of good dogs”… is so true 🙂
    His calmness, his conviction in what he says, and his incredible ability to articulate himself like a poet, absolutely says something about the man he is…. it just kills me.

  3. Very close Tracy – L’Ouvreur Friod.

    The virtual pedophilia piece was very scary and it should be interesting to see how legislators deal with it.

  4. Damn my grade 10 french! Oh well! Closer than I thought – thanks for the affirmation. If only I’d seen the Tony Robbins piece before I posted, I wouldn’t have such low self esteem about my poor french and just go with it. Merde! (now I bet that’s right!) 😉 Thanks AF!

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