Vicente Fox and Kenny Vs. Spenny

October 31

Vicente Fox –

Hearing Fox speak of his relationships not only with his country, but with Presidents and Prime Ministers (past and present) was fantastic. The love he has for his country is evident. He’s not only out doing interviews to hock his book, but he speaks of his country with true love and pride, refreshing. His being able to sit back to compare and joke about drinking with Presidents was a great and a bit more of a look into his personality.

Very open and relaxed, I really enjoyed this one. I couldn’t help but notice a bit of editing before going to the first commercial. Hopefully, the crew at The Hour will decide to put up the entire interview for us to see.

Kenny Vs. Spenny – I’ve always liked the “concept” of this show, but I’ve always found the show itself to fail me. This is absolutely my type of humour, but the Kenny vs. Spenny doesn’t seem to pull it off for me. Like that great live band you know, that never seem to get that same sound to an album or video. I’m more interested to see the ventures mentioned in the Bio than I actually am in watching the show (as much as I have tried). Watching an interview with them never seems to be much better. I don’t know if Spenny is playing a role, or is really that whiny bitch we see on the screen (and in interviews like this). I guess it does well for them skit wise, but still, I just don’t buy it.

I think its good that they are being picked up in other countries, and great that Parker and Stone are producing, maybe I’ll be more interested after what they can do with it ( I hope!)

Good on Warren Buffet for actually requesting to pay more Taxes!!!

BTW – I think the painted background (in the opening) was great, the colour scheme was fantastic!

– Lisa Rowe



  1. I am a huge political junkie so was very interested in hearing what President Fox had to say. Love how he likened being a leader of a country to being a good parent – eventually you let go and allow your kids run their own show. I would only take exception to this in the case of a certain GWB – he could use a whallop that one. Please Mrs. Bush – do something about your boy. He’s been bad and needs a time out in a major way.

    Huge fan of Kenny Vs. Spenny. I think what they do is genius and the stuff they get away with amazes me. Who is a Better Rapper (Kenny tries to borrow a Bentley with his Club Z points) and Who Can Run a 10 Mile Race (the one where Kenny fakes his mother’s death as George alluded to) are faves. Their side projects Pitch and The Papal Chase are well done. These guys are smart and know how to market.

    Warren Buffet is a hero to those of us in the NFP world. Not only is he offering to pay more taxes – he also is on record that his children will inherit only the most miniscule portion of his wealth – most is going to charity. He’s also convinced Bill and Melinda Gates to see things his way – a recent profile of WB in Macleans stated that apparently the Gates kids’ are only due to inherit about 10 Mil each. Yes, a ton of money but not relative to what they would normally receive. If only I knew a local Warren Buffet… hmmm


  2. You nailed it on Kenny and Spenny. Are they playing roles, or are they just 2 losers? I suspect they are playing roles, but the whole thing is just too contrived for me.

  3. Why not discuss George’s spooky voice, and the wicked picture off of a Slayer album in the background? That was my hilight of the night 🙂 Trite, not really fostering the conversation, but I am sharing my enjoyment of the episode and that’s just as valid!

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