Afghanistan, Daniel Lanois and Kanye

Tonight on The Hour, George interviewed conservative newspaper columist Christie Blatchford…. and it was a completely honest conversation about the complex realities faced by our Canadian soldiers both at home and abroad. I was particularly taken by her story about soldiers in Toronto being advised to not wear their uniforms in public for fear of the negativity of their neighbours.  This conversation was not really about whether or not we should support our troops in Afghanistan, it was about how those opinons effect our troops on a daily, human level.

As for the comments about Kanye’s ego… if he’s so talented, doesn’t it grant him the right to be cocky? It doesn’t make him a good person to hang out with, but thats something his friends have to worry about… i find his giant ego amusing.

 Unlike Kanye, Daniel Lanois is what happens when someone is as humble as they are talented… and he is incredibly talented. His performance was beautiful and completely made my night.


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