Father & Son Documentary, Wyclef Jean & Dreams

October 30th 2007 episode

Just a quick recap today. Maybe the other contributors will chime in in the comments.

Two interviews this evening – Canadian documentary director Bryan Friedman and his 59 year old body builder father Bill Friedman, and singer and social activist Wyclef Jean. Both interviews for me had a sincerity and openness that was good to see.

Bill Friedman

Not surprised by the first having it because I assume making a documentary about a painful relationship with one’s father would translate to a certain comfort for talking openly about things – especially since the men have had a rapprochement.



George and Wyclef Jean had a great rapport in this interview. Jean seemed so at ease as he spoke about his childhood in Haiti and his motivations/benefits for music – then (chicks) and now (social consciousness). I would love to have heard more about his experiences as an immigrant. For more insight I will have to check out his new album The Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant and read the lyrics. When I listen to music I like to read along – maybe it goes back to my days with read-along story book albums (‘after you hear the bell, turn the page’).

I have always loved the ‘Everything You Always Wanted To Know About’ segment and was thrilled to see it was about dreaming – one of my favourite topics and experiences. It featured responses by Jeff Warren, author of The Head Trip.

– Go Lightly –



  1. I adore it when there is great comraderie in an interview – I’ve seen some with Wycleff that are just downright uncomfortable, Wycleff does not respond to stupidity in a very positive way. Seeing him in a comfortable stance, speaking in a laid back manner, about subjects that you can tell he was interested in, and having fun with. You could see him just chill. Wyclef can be a pretty arrogant guy; get his brain working, he seems to pay you back for it.

    I’m constantly being asked to interpret other peoples dreams. Don’t ask me why, I guess I must be good at it. hahaha Dream analysis I believe in. Its incredible the avenue’s our brains will find to relieve stress, or point out to you, things going on in your subconscious etc.

    I can control my dreams, and I love it. I learned at a young age to be able to recognize (while dreaming) that I wasnt really being chased, and that I could turn it around. I also completely DIS-agree with both the orgasm and the death part. I KNOW that I can and do come to orgasm in dreams, and I have never believe that if you die in your dreams, you die in life. Don’t agree with that at all, and I am living proof of them BOTH.

  2. Dream analysis! Then check out my latest journal entry (not the Go Lightly blog, or the other blog, or even my third blog, but the m-o journal lol). I have some ideas about what it means but would be happy with some outside input. What dream analysis philosophy do subscribe to?

    I also disagree about his statement of orgasms during dreams. Wetness in women is a sign of arousal not orgasm. And like many folks he might be confusing ejaculation in men with orgasms. They most often occur at the same time but they need not. So it may be true that a wet dream in a man is not an orgasm but that still does not mean orgasms do not occur – especially in women.

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