The no-bullshit, no boredom Geminis!

Gemini AwardFirst of all, Congrats to George and team for doing a great job on the Geminis tonight! It takes a lot of work to pull off an award show, and even more work to get people to watch it… and stay watching it….

Some say it was snappy and short, I say Thank God and the CBC…etc… that it wasn’t more than an hour! Not that it wasn’t good… award shows are by nature stupid and meaningless for those not in the industry, and I typically can’t stomach more than an hour of any award show generally… so it was the perfect amount of time- AND entertaining!

I thought they did a fantastic job with that little bit off the top where George insults the locals by calling Saskatchewan “flat.”… it was funny and gave them a chance to reiterate the “famous” Canadian “stars” that were in attendance.

I thought George did a great job as host, although its not much out of his element, he kept the flow going… there are very few people that can speak as quickly as he can. We all know the award show process, and its so overly indulgent of the industry to make us sit through the same shit every year, which is again why I liked the pace and the structure and the lack of fluff. It also makes it seem more professional. In the past, award shows tend to be slow moving and like 4 hours long, allowing people to ramble, and thus seeming sloppy. This was not the case here. To the point is good. Very good.

And George was indeed to the point when he suggested to the execs in the house to please spend money on new content. risk is fun, and rewarding. We don’t need another American rip-off show, its bad enough we have to watch the American version (I’m talking to you CTV…)

A mention must also be made to the music they used.. some nice Canadian talent. That alone made the show better than it was in the past.

As for the 5th-Grader bit… wasn’t the mini-George adorable… did he really give him the finger?! Yes he did.

All in all a great job. I hope more award shows adopt the slimmer format, especially since we’re gonna change the channel after an hour anyway…



  1. I found the show a little rushed and short in categories, but then I looked at the list and they had given out 8 awards and squeezed in the speeches. Not bad. I prefer the more traditional acceptance speech format though, cut off music and all. I think the Q&A by Tara Spencer-Nairn would have been better as behind the scene stuff right after people get off stage. In the wings action so to speak. Though it was kinda funny seeing Paul Gross grasping the microphone and Tara Spencer-Nairn holding onto it.

    I loved the the opening segment. I dig that kind of stuff.

    – Go Lightly –

  2. considering the conversation on George’s myspace,, i think many people were concerned with the short time, coupled with the overemphasis on non-resident canadian stars.
    but isnt that why we watch? Canadian “celebrities” are so hard working here and elsewhere, we dont give them the attention when they are getting started so they bust their asses where there is a payoff. until the canadian industry starts nuturing young talent, and putting money in to new ideas, we are only gonna have foreign-local celebs. if the attendance of these “celebs” gets us to watch an award show for shows we never watch, then thats one step towards us caring. they’re the closest thing we have to Angelina’s….except they work much harder, and make less money…and its not like they had Micheal j fox there or something… they had recognizable faces that arent even near household names yet…
    i dont watch much tv in general, but after last nights award show i would actually check out “slings and arrows” because it cleaned up in a few categories.

  3. I have no problem with the actors they had giving out the awards. Many were Canadian celebrities currently on American shows but they also do work in Canada. Kristin Kreuk for example is on Smallville which is filmed in BC. She was on the Canadian show Edgemont from 2001-2005 and recently starred in the Canadian film Partition (at least I believe it is Canadian).

    I was OK with the one hour format but it felt very rushed to me. 8 awards, 8 acceptance speeches, pre-filmed 3 sketches, 1 monologue, 3 interactions in the audience (that I remember) plus commercials. All in 60 minutes. Yikes! A bit ambitious. This morning in the Globe and Mail I read that they had to drop some of the other planned sketches. I have no idea how the producers thought they would even have time for what they did show much less more bits. Maybe they did not consider the applause ort the time it takes women to walk out in heels? πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, I think it is a shame because I think the pace and time limit of an hour(and the related criticism) takes away from what I thought was good, smart writing for the sketches and by the award announcers. I also should mention I think George seemed most comfortable and at ease. Hosting award shows are really tough gigs from what I can gather. MCing most anything can be tough. Only one or two of his jokes seemed forced to me. He is very good at what he does and seemed truly in his element.

    About Slings and Arrows – When it aired (2003-2006 – 3 seasons of 6 episodes each) I remember being interested in watching, but bummed that it was on the Movie Network. I am not a subscriber.

  4. I enjoyed it – and I can’t say that about any awards show (outside of the few old AMA’a – going back to before censorship) The crew was the perfect crew for this ‘hour’ format also. George was good for it. You cant have an hour show and not cut off speaches, but I was happy when they DIDNT cut the speech being made for the “Little Mosque on the Prairie” crew.
    Over all – it was a good job, no doubt of that. And, I’d like to see some of the people (who have been complaining) try and do a better job. Getting all that into that amount of time?? Good Luck

    Side note ; LOVED the Sex Puppets skit!!!! Haahaaaa

  5. Award shows are a tad boring, and I mean, many people deserve the acolade, but only one gets the actual piece of hardware as the reminder. And we forget the rest.
    I was amazed when I saw that the Geminis were only an hour long, and I liked it. I prefer to make my time my own, especially during this season when I have certain…conversations to catch up on.
    But then let us think about it. George hosts a show called the Hour. He hosts the Geminis, so it should only be one hour long, to match what he normally does. And they used the list. The awards show fit the host.
    And that was an adorable fifth grader, just the attitude that is so wonderful to see. There’s hope yet for the rebellious youth who might change the world and shove some reality down the throats of our bloated leaders. All so corrupt, those leaders, and not even corrupt for the right reasons. So sad.
    Geminis. Good!

  6. my take on the geminis, a little different than what is posted here.

    i felt it was far too rushed, and it didn’t have to be. i, personally, would have cut the q & a and let the winner use that time. i’d probably kill a few of the skits as well. or at least edit them down.

    going back to the q & a, i just found that bizarre and obtrusive.

    i didn’t agree with their choice to cut a speech in tribute to william hutt. and i found the choice of camera shots odd. i mean, let’s cut from brett butt accepting award to show a long shot of the audience and the camera. i’m not sure why i was supposed to find that more fascinating than the actual award being accepted.

    at least there were no dance numbers. πŸ™‚

  7. hahahaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa
    yes, thanks for that! LOL

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