AJ Jacobs, Deborah Harry and Tree Houses

AJ JacobsI had never heard of AJ Jacobs before this interview. I am now wanting to read more of his work, or at least, learn much more about him. Choosing topics that he can throw himself into, choosing to live his life as close as possible to the word of the Bible perked my ears. Maybe it’s my secret want for an excuse to stone someone. Obviously anyone who would take on such a topic (and his previous topics, even taking on the concept of the Wikipedia system) would have a fantastic sense of humour. His next topic should be interesting. I’m adding him to my list of interesting people.

I found the interview with Deborah Harry a bit disappointing, and wasn’t surprised to hear that she was sick that day. You could tell that she wasn’t really able to focus on some of her replies ( when prodded for who she thinks is a great band/artist now ). Deborah is a formidable force and important part in the history of Women in Music. As is Blondie. I was looking forward to hear her opinions and replies, and her fantastic sense of humour. Shame she didn’t seem to be feeling up for it this time. Maybe next time she comes through, we can get a second crack at it.

The footage of the I.E.D. was freakish and real. Makes you wonder what is kept from our eyes, above and beyond footage like this.

The “Is This a Good Idea” segment was interesting, but so obviously unsustainable (at least at this point). This is a great concept, that is before its time, but at least someone is thinking about this possibility, and others. Its a great direction to go in, and to keep looking for ideas in, but this one just seems to be already stalled. Its also great to note the honesty in answers, even when there were none. That is refreshing.

Tony Robbins Best Story Ever was good for a laugh also.

Over all, a great show!

I’m off to make my first coffee of the day…….

Lisa Rowe


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  1. agreed about the Debbie Harry interview… Chilli peppers? really? those guys havent made anything worth listening too for almost ten years.

    My fav part about the Aj jacobs interview was those blips he said about his wife (i.e. sitting in every chair of the house ) really funny stuff. great interview.

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