Danny Glover, Bruce McDonald and Kevin O’Leary

October 23rd 2007 episode

I was not able to catch the whole episode in one viewing. It was a piecemeal viewing from various sources, but what can a busy gal do? I am thankful there are a few ways to watch.

Danny Glover – If I recall this interview had been promoted in the first week of the season so I was a little confused of whether the show was fresh. I don’t know much about him so I was not sure if I was interested in hearing what he had to say – George even mentioned how Glover keeps a low profile. As I watched it I realized a couple of things – I had not seen the interview (maybe the number of promos are messing with my mind) and that Glover’s work and interests were definitely worth hearing about. The Hour and its guests have been good at challenging my assumptions. Good stuff.

Bruce McDonald – This felt like a comfortable conversation between George and McDonald. It covered his career nicely, what it is like to be a working director, and discussing his new film. He seems like a very genuine person.

Kevin O’Leary – I enjoyed the new location for the Newsstand. Keeping it fresh, mixing it up, kicked out of the other location or just convenience? Whatever the case, a little change is good. The segment was a dynamic bit. O’Leary is certainly an engaging man. George and he covered a variety of topics in a little over 5 minutes. I found it strong and compelling. Quick and fast.

– Go Lightly –


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