The Hour – Orman, Anderson and Schwartzman

October 18th, 2007 episode

Liana here. It’s a quick recap of the issues and moments of Thursday’s show. Of course if you saw it, you don’t need this, and if you missed it, you do have a bit of time to hit up and watch it commercial free. It only takes 45 minutes!

After some interesting news about a gun battle in Rio and the American Military recruiting on a gay and lesbian web site, we have Suze Orman, the poverty to prosperity financial success. Net worth these days: 25 million. She’s the author of Women and Money, and she talked about the purpose of money and how women perceive it. Apparently, women don’t financially wake up until something hhappens. “A woman says yes out of fear instead of no out of love”. That was a great quote Suze had. Another, with regard to money: “You have what it takes to save yourself” She’s energetic, emotional and passionate, and it was an entertaining interview, even if it was about finance.

The News! Sir Richard goes to Calgary, more Brittney stuff, and something about a new X Files movie, with Spiderman 4 and Wolverine coming up, and Coppola disses some actors.

Wes Anderson stopped in, his new film is the Darjeeling Limited, but maybe you know him from Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic. It’s always good to listen to directors discuss their films. George showed some good restrain and some class by not digging into details about Owen Wilson, Anderson’s best friend, they just discussed that he’s fine and moved on. good way to show caring and not sensationalize the moment.

Then Jason Schwartzman, who is in Darjeeling, joined George and Wes on the Red Chairs, and they talked about Jason’s music. Apparently he’s the next Keith Moon. There was discussion about their work writing Darjeeling, then Wes directing and Jason acting in it. The quote I liked best from Jason: “Work with people you can learn from.” Go the The Hour’s site, watch it. It was fairly upbeat, some laughs, it’s good stuff.

No list, no fancy ending, just a quick summation and it was over. Plug the ‘best of’ Friday show, plug the Geminis, and that’s time.

Monday is going to be some best of repeat recap show from the constant previews they tend to cram into the show. So if you have been a good viewer, Monday is your night off. Missed a lot of the last few weeks? Monday is your night to watch!

Now to find a glass of wine and a good book on demonology. Sweet sleep shall soon follow.



  1. I was surprised by the Danny Glover interview tonight. I had no idea that he was so much of a social activist. There were a few awkward moments when he sort of stumbled through answers but generally I thought he had a lot of very important things to say.

  2. no new posts ladies?

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