Tom Williams, Iman & a Nifty Bike

October 17th, 2007 episode

So it seems Tom Williams did a bunch of neat things when he was teenager. He was one of those whiz kids living and working amongst adults and made a bunch of money (and helped other people make money). It left him dissatisfied (plus addicted to cigarettes and drinking a bunch of booze) and so in his mid-twenties he turned to philanthropy. Williams decided to create a charitable venture – GiveMeaning – which lets people set up fundraising requests for humanitarian projects and then processes the donations on behalf of the projects. George asked him about what other things he is involved with, but Williams kept the focus on GiveMeaning, name dropping Canadian cities and projects as examples of what is working and what he likes. I noticed this because I thought the organization was an American one, but a quick perusal of their website says it began in Canada in 2004. I feel bad that I thought it was an American organization trying to improve their Canadian profile. There are lots of cool things that start up here but I guess I don’t hear enough about of them.

By the way, he has a blog and wrote a wee bit about his experience on The Hour.

Next up was Iman who spoke about one of those American things making its way to Canada – hosting a competitive reality TV show called Project Runway. I enjoy fashion but I don’t watch these shows. Still, I think it is a good move to bring the show to Canada as we have an interesting and vibrant fashion industry. But that is all I can say about that and thankfully the interview itself focused on other things as well. I really appreciated Iman’s thoughts on her life and her work. She seems so down to earth and serious but also with a great sense of humour. She has this graceful yet determined way of expressing herself. I loved it!

A new segment aired last week called ‘Is This a Good Idea?’ presented by Hilary Doyle. The first idea suggested was cremated remains being projected into space (costing about $12 000). This week we had the VeloMobile (priced at $10 000 – yikes!) . Hmmm maybe this is about things that are priced in the $10 000 range? I suppose these segments are meant as conversation starters and to encourage some discussion at its very own blog (though it seems people are voting not only on the suggested ideas but on the blog entries as well – not exactly what those little thumbs up and thumbs down icons are for – but what can ya do, its the Net and people like to click on things).

In any case, I see the segments as somewhat similar to the Profiles of Canadians – quirky filler. And for favourite quirky filler my vote is torn between Best Story Ever and Disinformation. Every now and then BSE is terribly funny and every now and then Disinformation hits me with something I had no clue about.

– Go Lightly –


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  1. Thanks for checking out our blog and commenting. 🙂

    Yes, I wondered what it says about my perceptions as well. I think it has more to do with what I think gets attention than the organizations that are out there. I know that where I live there is great grassroots stuff going on (soem fo which I am involved in and GiveMeaning has me thinking of suggesting they make a submission).

    I think I also was influenced by the bio they presented of you. I think the focus on working for Apple made me think you and the organization were American.

    – Go Lightly –

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