The Kielburgers on The Hour

October 15 2007 episode

Craig and Marc Kielburger

It was great to see Craig and Marc Kielburger on The Hour. They are the activists behind the organization Free the Children. I was impressed when I first heard their story back in the 1990s (via a Canadian media source – sometime before he was on Oprah) and I was impressed some more tonight. I think it is great that they are inspiring Canadian children to take action to help their peers.

It got me to thinking about my own childhood and how much smaller the scope my activism was. I was involved in volunteer activities in Girl Guides and through Sunday School at the United Church of Canada. There was also some fundraising done at my elementary school but no real education about global issues or even things closer to home that had a direct impact on children in my community. I wonder why that was? My guess is that grassroots and in-school activism was not the force that it has now become.

Back to the interview… I was blown away by the stats they gave. It certainly reminded me of how money spent on extras really could be used for better things. I already live a simple life but I find the call to consumerism very difficult to resist at times. Their words reminded me that there are better things I can do with my money.

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  1. I thought tonights show was one of the best yet. What a great contrast with Ronnie Hawking and the Kielburger brothers. I too was surprised and shocked at the stats they gave. It’s amazing that the solution is so clear and yet people and governments aren’t doing enough to combat these issues.

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