Henry Morgentaler, KT Tunstall, etc…

October 10 2007 episode 

Bonjour folks, here is my bit of something for this particular evening.

The first interview of the show was with Dr. Henry Morgentaler, someone i believe is a hero for ensuring that women have the right to choose. He is also a Holocaust survivor, although (as far as my memory goes) iam pretty sure that was not dicussed in the interview… am i wrong? Regardless, my opinions on this interview are strong, and mostly negative.

For such a controversial figure, the questions were tame, the interview uneventful… I suppose they took the angle that folks did not know anything about this particular man before seeing this interview… in that case, the interview was fine. But for those that know about this man’s life and work, I felt that it left something to be desired….. and it ended strangely abruptly.

oh yeah, and did Henry say that the abortion debate was mostly over? umm…I wish. I am glad George followed up that question, highlighting how alive this debate still is particularly in the USA. i think Henry’s subsequent response is bang on: as long as the chruch (etc..) are opposed to abortion, this debate will have some level of life…

The unfortunate part is that the church will never change… our other option is to ignore the church.? no?

 I really enjoyed some of George’s jokes tonight, specifically the “you think you’re sick of Turkey? Try being Iraq” one. and the “24” now being called “2-4” excellent… and I am glad Kiefer is getting some form of punishment for his stupidity.

The second interview was with KT Tunstall, a musician you likely have heard before, because certain radio stations like to overplay certain songs. hers was one of them.  Regardless, this was a great interview with a really interesting and intelligent woman. She seems less fabricated and more talented than most other pop musicians… and she not only seems very aware of her own responsibility as an artist, but she actually acknowledges the greateness of past artists (joe strummer, patti smith, to name a few.) This is refreshing.

George recommended that we youtube her performance on the Jool’s holland show. I second that motion.

Now for The List……. I didnt get it.


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  1. I liked what George said the next night when he was reading emails about Morgantaler – the terms pro choice and pro life are outdated. I am prochoice but it doesn’t make me anitlife. It should be proabortion or anitabortion. The interview wasn’t what I expected either but I think alot of that had to do with Mr. Morgantaler’s age and what I thought where perhaps some of the “slipping faculties” he talked about. Maybe for him the debate is over because it’s no longer a daily struggle for him, his clinics aren’t being blown up anymore and probably the death threats have become less frequent.

    I didn’t know much at all about KT Tunstall prior to this interview but I would have to call myself a fan now. I loved the way she spoke about Joe Strummer and was surprised by the things she said about him. It’s nice to see a woman who doesn’t have to act like a pop tart to sell records.

    Apparently I’m the only one who liked the list? I thought it was hilarious.

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