Tzeporah Berman, Carlo Rota. How to save tree’s, and abuse the paper from them.

October 3, 2007 episode

Tzeporah BermanI was absolutely captured by the interview with Tzeporah Berman. Yet another example of an interview that should have been much longer.

Its a valid point (and question), how do you go from someone driving through a known area in your life, to becoming an actual activist? (and a successful one at that). I felt shame for my country in hearing her describe the scene of this (once) beautiful forest. Even blasting through a waterfall, all in the name of making money – through cutting down 300 year old red-wood’s….. for phone books.

She had all her information sharp. All of the numbers cut, all of the ratio’s drawn, all of the information ready…. to show whomever was paying attention out there, exactly what was at stake, what is at stake now.. and why.

We needed to hear it.

I admire her drive. Her forthrightness, her no pussy-footing around the subjects. Her knowledge of the numbers and the facts. Going from the forests themselves, to the Head Offices of Victoria’s Secret.

(( Also, her comment about Harper was indeed so true ” will someone [please] tell this man he IS the Prime Minister”?????? ))

Make a freaken decision already. Hear what the country WANTS, and stand behind what WE SAY TO YOU ABOUT THIS TOPIC (and many others, of course).

I found the segment with Carlo Rota extremely funny – yes… but, I have to admit, the constant switching of camera angles was DRIVING ME MAD. Will some one at The Hour, Please…. just make a damn decision already – yourselves. Work out your decisions on how you want the show to appear BEFORE HAND. Stop using us as a test.

Its starting to become painful and irritating to watch.

Also – was I the only one that found a huge amount of Irony, in having a woman on the show who was speaking about maintaining low levels of paper use, and then have a story including the printing of 10,000 “Missing Dog” posters????

(then, added in that, hardly any of them were actually used…………. guess there is no way to find out what kind of paper was used in the printing of these posters, and how all this wasted paper was then disposed of??? 😉 )

~ Lisa Rowe


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