Carlo Rota – My Candidate for Mr. Canada (by Liana Telfer)

Carlo Rota

October 3rd, 2007 episode

How does a waiter become one of Canada’s faster growing stars? Diversity might be a key. We know about Carlo Rota’s journey from the service world to acting in hits like 24 and little mosque from his interview on The Hour, but there is so much more to this man whom I first noticed in La Femme Nikita, and came to adore as my tastes for the finer things led me to become an avid fan of the always entertaining Great Canadian Food Show.

The most interesting thing to look at for Rota’s career are the names of the characters he plays. There’s a lot of range that this man can pull off and that makes him a great representative of Canadian culture and acting talent. Right now, he’s on 24 as Morris O’Brien, and on Little Mosque as Yasir Hamoudi. Irish and Lebanese? That’s range. And of course there are the typical roles for Italian and British characters as we might expect, but also Spanish, Greek, Russian and French. Here we have an actor that reflects the diversity of our country. He’s even been an ambassdor in Mission to Mars (do not blink, he is there) and a CBC Producer in 32 Short Films about Glen Gould.

He’s an immigrant from England that can embody so many of the cultures that make our country great. What better representative of our Canadian way of life could we show to the world than a man who can play the role of so many of the people that make our country great?

And of course, he is very welcome to cook for me any time he likes.

Liana Telfer

See everything Carlo has done at: IMDB – Carlo Rota


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