A Jihad of Love or WWJJD? Parvez Sharma and Joan Jett

October 2, 2007 episode

I was absolutely intrigued by the conversationParvez Sharman with Parvez Sharma.

His openness of not only his sexuality but also of his religion make him a trailblazer. As a filmmaker, I think his guts to go into these countries and film peoples stories is commendable.

Ironically and maybe ignorantly, I didn’t know there were Gay Muslims. It suddenly made me understand that no matter who you are, what part of the world you come from you still face the same problems as everybody else does.

I loved his comment about “God and Sex have a difficult relationship in any religion”.

The fact that he embedded his films in the middle of the tape, shows his commitment to his work, the subject and his cast. How clever of him!

When he was talking about Islam being under attack I thought about how lots of religions have been under attack over the centuries. It reminded me that Wiccanism was under attack not that long ago and The Crusades, and The Holocaust. And it is true that right now is Islam’s time in the spotlight. I wonder where this will lead. What will happen? What does that mean for the religion?

George’s Scientology comment was VERY interesting. I am sure that everyone knows who he was referring to. Which makes me wonder… should someone be doing a documentary of that certain Scientologist and their struggle with their sexuality?

I respected the question of “why be Muslim if you are gay?” “Why be Christian or Jewish if you are gay?”

I would love for someone who is homosexual and who is part of one of the big THREE religions, to tell us their opinion on it.

Joan Jett was just hot and perfect. That woman can rock. And that is how all good women should be.

-> LB


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  1. well said.

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