Creflo Dollar, Jason Priestly and a Great List

Creflo DollarOct 1 2007 episode

I have to admit, I went into the Creflo Dollar segment very judgemental.

I found (part way through), not to kiss ass… but it was George’s questions themselves that were bringing me around.

I grew up around family who spent much of their time (and money) giving to many “Agents” of “God”. I see evangelists in a certain light, that is Not flattering. By the end of the interview tonight with Creflo Dollar, I wasn’t exactly a changed person, but I *could* see where Mr. Dollar (Doctor Dollar?) could be a bit different.

Though, no doubt, his many businesses were originally funded by the people paying into his ministries. He was at least, able to see and be smart enough to know, that he couldn’t do this ministry, the way that evangelist ministries have been managed in the past, and present (in some cases).

I Still have no trust for him, though, I can see Creflo Dollar as someone I would at least want to have a conversation with, or rather maybe, a damn good debate. He seems to choose his battles a bit wisely, I can respect that, and want to get into the ones he is hiding from.

Jason Priestly; Ive always heard many great things about (him and his wife).

I lost interest in much of what was being said, at times very jumpy and running in circles, I wasn’t that interested in what he was saying. I wanted to be, I’m a fan of Rock Doc’s. However this one just left me flat. Good laughs for the clip though. (Going the Distance)

Now…………… The List.

Top 5 Important Women in Rock and Roll.

I have a feeling a lot of people aren’t appreciating a few of them, but you know what… I thought it was a great list, though the clips for ‘proof’, could have been much better!

Pat Benetar – Hell is for Children
Pat Benetar – You Better Run
Debbie Harry / Blondie – X Offender at CBGB’s
Blondie – Hangin on the Telephone

and…….. in prep for tomorrow – some Joan Jett! Cherry Bomb
Can’t Friggen WAIT!!!! Not many people realize just how MUCH Joan Jett has done for Rock, even aside from and completely apart from the fact that she happens to be Female. She can and will take the lead from ANY man/guitarist.

~ Lisa Rowe


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