Dallaire, Dupuis, and Smith Equals a Mix of Serious & Funny

Kevin SmithSept 27 2007 episode

It was an interesting mix of personalities and topics tonight. First up we had an interview with Roméo Dallaire and Roy Dupuis about the film Shake Hands With the Devil based on Dallaire’s autobiography about his experiences in Rwanda. The interview was focused on the experience of the two men ad it related to making this movie, but there is no way you can discuss without addressing the genocide. The interview came off a bit intense due not only to the subject matter but also because of the two men’s personalities. I am sure they have their light hearted moments but they came off as super serious, focused, complex individuals.

As we watched the interview my husband remarked that good actors often have trouble expressing themselves – that choosing their own words to express their emotions is a challenge. An interesting observation – though it might have had something to do had much to do with English being his second language, but I doubt it. I think it might just be the way he is.

The next interview was definitely a switching of gears – Kevin Smith. I like his movies and I love his college talks. This man knows how to tell a profanity laden story. I have read some of his blog entries. Maybe I’ll get the book. Or maybe I will get it for a friend who is the bigger fan and then borrow it.

More humour in the Best Story Ever segment. Two female comedians in one week. Canadians as well. I liked Debra DiGiovanni’s best – I think because of the suggestion that if you are going to be strip searched it would be preferable to have music and a cowboy hat.

Anyone else notice that so far this season George seems to be expressing more personal opinions during the transitions in between segments? He was quite lively in today’s.

– Go Lightly –


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