Phil Donahue on Body of War

Phil DonahueSept 25 2007 Episode


Phil Donahue. I had forgotten just how powerful and commanding this man can be. With his mind sharp as ever, bringing us through his opinions of the war, I was hit with so many great and truthful quotes I had to start writing them down.

Body of War is one of these films that you hear about for months before its release. With many artists believing in the need for it’s information to be spread across the globe, I was struck by the “few” images (of the actual movie) shown, but brought right into the debate behind the film, and it was fantastic.

With great quotes like: “You can’t fight this [war] with an aircraft carrier”… “‘the media rolled over”; “people don’t want to hear dissent”; “you don’t have democracy if you don’t have dissent”; I had to watch this interview a few times, to enjoy its power again.

The sheer amount of Fear Propaganda and One Rule mentality, going into and out of this war is astounding.

As much as I would have liked to have seen more clips, and heard more on the film itself, I will not complain. I will (however) bitch and moan at what seems to be a shorter segment time this season. IF it was possible to have a longer interview, this was definitely one of them. If this is a regular thing for this season (keeping a shorter time line for big interviews) , then call this cat NOT pleased.

For those of you who missed this particular interview, I highly suggest you see it on The Hour site.

And, if interested in this kinda thing… there is also the O’Reilly / Donahue debate on YouTube

~ Lisa Rowe


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