Rick Mercer Rants, Georges St.Pierre and UFC and Avon saves a family…

Rick MercerSept 24 2007 Episode

Rick Mercer

Everyone knew what to expect, I mean come-on, its Rick Mercer. Possibly one of the fastest moving Canadian minds out there, can’t wait to see him and Conrad Black keep up with each other on his (Rick Mercer’s) first show of the season. I was wondering myself…. how the hell do you select out of his ‘rants’?

I was also disappointed in the mass marketing in our county, to find out that he and Belinda Stronach have even an interest, let alone a foundation, to help against the spread of Malaria… and I was only finding out about it now…so disappointed! How was this missed by me? *tsk tsk* SpreadTheNet.org

Mel Gibson surely is a goon – I think he’s finally found a space where he can start his own Religion and go out Brian Jones style. Poor Costa Rica.

Now, I must admit, I have absolutely NO interest in UFC. None. Now, having said that… finding out that this is the very first time that the UFC comes to Canada…… I’m still un-interested. Maybe a little less Un-interested… but un-interested still. Georges St. Pierre at least brought to my attention the mental aspects of the fight (which, I guess I already knew, but didn’t give the time to think about), especially this sort of fighting in particular. The mental strength to get in there, to be one step ahead of your opponent, in a sport where there basically is no structure (to the fight), makes this a completely different situation.

I loved his honesty, and a bit of humility towards the question of winning the next bout…. THAT was refreshing coming from a ‘fighter’, especially one in said mentally structured game.

For the first time, I have an interest in one of the ‘fighters’ in UFC. However, I don’t think I’ll be changing any plans in order to catch a night of it. My question is – how DRUNK do you have to be to try to take THIS guy on??????? (stupid humans again!!!)

Halo 3 – what was the point in teasing everyone like that (with all those copies), except to show that ‘they’ have a shit load of them, and no one else does????? 😉

I found the Disinformation segment (on the amount of Avon Ladies in Brazil) more than a bit surprising. Who would have thought that your local Avon Lady would take on such a different aspect in another part of the world…?? Hell, I didn’t even know they SOLD Avon in Brazil!! ( and, why would they….. isn’t all that beauty supposed to be natural?)

Now, I think I have to go vote for all those poor starving artists out there……..

Welcome to the world Izzy!

Getting Ready for Foo Fighter’s !!!!!!!!


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