Paul Franklin and Lisa Ray – Second Time Guests

Paul FranklinSept 20 2007 episode

Tonight’s show featured conversations with two guests who have been on The Hour before, Paul Franklin and Lisa Ray. I appreciated both of them for their frankness. Well, a partial frankness. It seemed to me that they spoke their minds, but that there were some things they wanted to keep private. Likely with different things motivating them to do so. I found myself trying to read between the lines with both of them.

When George asked Franklin about how things were for him and his family his reply seemed honest. But I also sensed that he did not want to say too much – perhaps to protect his wife’s privacy, perhaps because he wants to project a certain positive attitude to the public. George began the question with a description of a documentary about an American soldier who has returned from Iraq paralyzed and is now an anti-war activist. This is not the route Franklin has gone and I wonder if his choice of words were selected with that in mind. He made it clear that he supports the Canadian presence in Afganistan. Focusing on the challenges he faces may go against his personality (he presents himself as a strong and very determined man), but he may also be aware that focusing on challenges might be giving ammunition to those who oppose Canada’s involvement.

Ray was careful in a different way. She seemed a bit awkward at first and then opened up as she discussed her acting choices from a metaphysical perspective. She gave the impression that she has a good sense of herself and what she wants. She acknowledged some conceited behaviours from her past (it was at this point I found her at her most comfortable). To be a successful dramatic actor one does have to feel that he/she has something special to offer – a certain amount of ego is required. Still there was this contradictory physical behaviour – playing with her hair, covering her face with her hand. In any case, the combination of revelation and discomfort made me feel curious about her and what she wanted to gain from the experience of the interview. I always wonder about actors.

– Go Lightly –



  1. nicely stated sunshinesue! There was something else I noticed about the interview with Paul Franklin that kind of caused my eyebrows to scrunch…Sitting there and watching the image of George with his sling, and Paul with his wheelchair I was struck by the fact that I am sure this is the first time that ive ever seen two “imperfect” (or contradictions to our mainstream notions of perfection) prominent subjects placed as the emphasis on popular national television. In no way do i mean to draw unnecessary attention to their injuries, nor do i mean to equate George’s injury with Paul’s… I am just surprised/saddened a) by the fact that i noticed that this visual was something new and b) by the fact itself, that this indeed was something new.
    The fact that i noticed probably provides enough proof that my latter thoughts are true; that tv favours the mainstream notions of normalcy, always. And that there is a lack of different human circumstances being presented on television…. and you wonder why so many people are unable to look at/talk about/acknowledge persons with disabilities. There is a fear, brought by misunderstanding. we are unable to talk about these things, because the discourses are relegated to the periphery.
    and who says we dont live in a perfection obsessed culture… and now we know why.

    I completely agree with GoLightly’s suspicions about Lisa Ray… I dont make judgements on the real personalities of celebrities as a rule. i dont know them, i cant say that i dislike them… but sometimes there is a conflict between the real and the persona they adopt… i think it surfaces at certain moments, and becomes obvious in certain gestures (i.e. the playing with the hair, the face coverage)…. interesting…

    I complete second that rant about smoker’s throwing their butts around… ive been saying this forever… its gross… its like spitting out ur gum. put it where it belongs.

    8 million people watched that STOOPID youtube video. thank god im not one of them. seriously people!!! what are you doing!!???

    best line of the night: “i dont like this guy, kick him” hahahaha such a great opener.

  2. the opener was HILLARIOUS.. that was my fave line too – gad I laughed!

    I honestly found Lisa Ray to be showing herself as one of the “Beautiful People”.
    It is somewhat seperate from the majority of the population.
    It can seem very awkward to some, as, she is saying words that are humble.. but they are from a mentality that knows…… she can get whatever she wants, based on her amazing beauty, and incredible talent.
    There is ONLY so much humble you can show, when you know the world of getting whatever you want, by just BEING.

    Lets talk about the Canadian Dollar – it may be wonderful to the cost out of our pockets (which, wont really show for possibly two years)…… but as per usual… groups in societies always act like everything is wonderful, until that change (no pun) actually EFFECTS their LIVES.

    If you are buying something on eBay – sure, this is a great time for you.
    If you are heading to the border to buy Christmas presents, this is a great time for you.
    IF you are selling your wares accross the border, this is a time of turmoil.
    We all know this logically – but not many people want to think about it as they are partying at their cross border shopping party.

    Sure…….. I want to be able to purchase a cheaper car……. but, Im very aware that this is going to be a time of enormous changes……. and I know that during that time – we are going to have to listen to a lot of people whining and crying, after they have come down from their border-shopping high.

    Suck it up buttercups………. or, try and find that old neighbour of yours (who had to sell their house a year ago because their income was based on exporting) , maybe they can help you through the rough spots.

    But hey – Enjoy while you can… !
    Just dont friggen bitch at me that you didn’t see this as part of the bargain.

    JENA 6.
    I have been following this story for about a month now – its so disgusting, so vile.. there is SO much more that has happened then our buddy George mentioned.. I HIGHLY suggest that you read on this. (( Google Jena 6… or go to my blog ))

    The big news stations (especially in the US) havent even been COVERING this story.

    Having spoken with many US friends on this subject, and they have told me (and its so true) that many stories like this DONT get the attention they deserve, because of the notion that nationally broadcasting this will spark a national fight.

    Start the Fight – This is WRONG.

  3. Lisa Rowe – Interesting observation about Ray’s beauty. I am sure it has its negative side effects (i.e. assuming she is dumb), but it must be far outweighed by its advantages. And clearly she has acting talent as compared to some beauties who lack that completely.

  4. p.s. sorry about my first sentence referencing sunshinesue… i copied and pasted my message from your myspace forum…. im new here 😛

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