Diana Krall – Dull Yet Energized

Diana KrallSept 18 2007 episode

Sorry for not posting last night, folks! I was hoping that some of the other contributors would post since I missed most of last nights episode.

I did catch the Diana Krall interview, which I thought was terribly uninteresting…. And it was mostly her fault, not George’s. He asked many interesting questions, but her responses were mostly repetitive, inarticulate and lacking contemplation. I think they should have shortened it and filled the space with something more interesting. Or maybe George should have asked a question not regarding her family or music… then it would have forced her off of her repetitive flow.

I also caught Craig Fergusons best story ever. Awesome…he makes me miss late night tv… goddam the early mornings.

Maybe someone else can share their thoughts on the other interviews?

*~*La Beauvoir


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  1. I agree that the Diana Krall interview was not quite as dynamic as I would have liked. She does seem like a laid back kind of person. I saw her interview with Peter Mansbridge – done while she was pregnant I believe – and she had the same tone. Though they did delve into the pain of some her personal life (losing her mother and her mentor at aroudn the same time) and that was interesting to learn about.

    Ariel Dorfman blew me away. Clearly he has done quite a deal of processing in the past thirty years. I wonder if being a writer helped him do that. I wonder if being forced into exile helped him gain this incredible world view that I find so admirable. Very interesting man.

    Craig Ferguson – Yes, definitely a funny man. I enjoy his show when I can catch it. I was a little confused by his best story ever, but i that was one reason why I liked it.

    -Go Lightly-

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