Canadian Money, Feminism and Islam, Paul Anka

Canadian Dollar LoonieSept 19 2007 episode

I have 6 minutes to write something half decent, before someone commandeers this very computer.

The Canadian Dollar doing “well”? Really? I am pretty sure it just means that the American dollar is doing badly, not that our economy is doing anything better. Am I wrong? Regardless, this is terrible for most industries.

Historical Compensation to those that attended residential schools – In terms of the compensation for those abuses that were stated, I sincerely hope that such definitions include those that were forced in to residential schools, thus stopping them from having the option to learn from/get to know their elders. Because that is abuse in my book. I am sincerely glad that some are receiving compensation.

Belgium is beautiful, their waffles are terrible….seriously.

Feminism and Islam- I would love to get in to a deeper argument about this, I need to think about it more before I make statements. I think that Ridley should have ended her statement about being scared of a mask with something about LEARNING about the “mask” (whatever it may be) instead of her random comment about Batman, Spiderman…etc.. (?) I did agree with/appreciate/empathize her statement about the meaninglessness of the word “terrorism”… All in all, GREAT arguments on both sides between her and George. Definitely an interesting interview to watch and dissect… I plan on rewatching it in my bid to think about it more.

Paul Anka is fantastic.

*~*La Beauvoir (with 13 seconds to spare… 😉 )


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  1. The Paul Anka pieces had me laughing!

    The interview with Yvonne Ridley had me interested from the very beginning. I have a natural interest in psychological reactions to social situations, the idea of a person saying “whatever they can” to get out of such a terrible situation is far from unheard of… but this woman actually DID that very same promise, and, not only converting, but then turning it around to be one of her very life causes, had me hooked.
    I too found she lost her argument when she went into the Spiderman/Batman defense…. I found it also a bit offensive (as a person with Tattoo’s, though, not on my face [should that matter?] } when she brought up such a physical characteristic as a fear for her defense mechanism. That statement was quite superficial, and I began to loose my confidence in her strengths.

    How can you be standing up against being judged, when one of your primary defenses against this, is using judgement itself? Especially when, there are things like movies being made where women in burka’s are the main criminal, and the clothing ITSELF is being used as a new ‘entertainment’ method of “fear”.

    There are so many things that she could have used as a strength against the treatment of (especially) Muslim women, and that is what she chose. You can’t say that speaking on this subject is new to her either….

    You lost me Yvonne, you really did.

    { by the way, Hope you feel better soon George, that’s one painful injury…. and thank you to the anonymous man who got him up to ‘walk it off’ 😉 )

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