Jeff Goldblum – Audience Participation on The Hour

Jeff GoldblumSept 17 2007 episode

Here is a random outline of some observations from tonight’s episode. Let me know your thoughts!

Jeff Goldblum- is damn tall!! Did you guys watch his bio? Was it really necessary for the Hour editors to show that same scene from “Death Wish” numerous times in the montage where Jeff’s character is hitting the woman on the floor? I thought that was wholly unnecessary… he’s been in so many movies, they could’ve shown anything instead of that same damn clip.

What did you guys think of the audience’s participation during the interview? As we know, the audience is now placed physically closer to the stage… I would imagine that this poses new challenges for George as an interviewer. Typical distractions aside, once audience conversation gets started with the guest its hard to pull everyone back on track. I think he did an excellent job! And I actually really enjoyed the interaction. When else would be able to see Goldblum break in to a French song?

Those are most of my thoughts for now! Share yours! What did you think about the Emmy’s censorship? I always thought they considered the word ‘God’ a swearword of sorts as well…

*~*La Beauvoir


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  1. I was very much looking forward to the Jeff Goldblum interview and was happy to see it so early on in the season. Even when he plays icky characters I like him. I have seen him on The View and he is all charm and flirtation. it was neat to see him interviewed by a man and for his quirkiness to come out so nicely.

    Not sure what to think of the impromptu audience participation.I know it made me nervous. It made reminded me of live TV. I liked that. But still made me nervous because it could have been really messy. But Goldblum handled it well. George too. It’s the charm. They both got it. Loved the song he sang. A bawdy French song. Fantastic!

    -Go Lightly-

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